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“At Prægel & Co, we have a fantastic collaboration with People Executive. Everything is well-organized, and there's always great follow-up & feedback throughout the process. So far, we've been incredibly satisfied with the selection of future employees for our team.”

Erik Hedemann Andersen, CEO, Prægel & Co.

“People Executive have been encouraging and supportive throughout the process, and I have felt well-informed all the way”

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Anonymous candidate

“Thank you so much for a really good process.
It has been the best and most thorough employment process I have been through.”

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Anonymous candidate

“People Executive have successfully assisted Wanzl Group in hiring a CEO for their portfolio company, Expedit. I have come to know People Executive as a solid executive search partner who quickly understands the business needs and is able to translate it into a solid search strategy that quickly and effectively provides highly relevant and qualified candidates in high pace because they know the market.”

Oppenländer Frank, Senior Vice President Group Human Ressources (CHRO), Wanzl GmbH & Co. KGaA

“People Executive did a great job in screening the Danish market for a new CEO to our portfolio company. Thorough, timely and very professional.”

Sebastian Ehrnrooth, Partner, Segulah Advisor AB, Chairman Portfolio Company

“As a result, we now have several hires that we are very pleased with, where not only the skills are right, but also the cultural fit is spot on.”

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Rikke Nickie Mortensen, HR Director Nordic, Knauf

“I would definitely recommend People Executive to others. They have a strong network in recruitment as well as competent and down-to-earth consultants who provide honest and useful feedback, and sparring to the business.”

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Rene Toxvig, CFO, Spectronic Denmark A/S

“The current recruitments have all resulted in a hire with candidates recommended by People Executive in a joint assessment/collaboration especially in the final phase. The recruitments have been successful considering that the persons recruited are still employed in our company for the allocated positions.”

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Jan Aaboe, Country Manager, Alimak Group Denmark A/S

“People Executives implementation has been very structured, professionally and time tightly managed and in particular we would like to highlight; the ability to produce several qualified candidates, for the recruitments that the collaboration has included – it has been a very positive experience.”

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Søren Christensen, Sales Director (CSO), Egholm A/S

“One of the key things is that candidates always report back that they have been through a professional process with People Executive, who has been down to earth and good at painting an accurate picture of our business.”

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Anita Svoldgaard, HR Manager, VPK Peterson Packaging

“We have had and continue to have a trusting and constructive working relationship with People Executive over the past 5 years, where they have been responsible for a number of recruitments, both at specialist and management level. It has been a cooperation that can be characterized as a success story across the board, where the result has always been highly satisfactory.”

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Søren Østergaard Hansen, CCO, Dantherm

“The company demonstrates great professionalism and thoroughness. They talk straight, are constructive and purposeful in the process. Honesty is People Executive's primary value and they dare to speak out clearly, not wasting time”

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Kirsten Biilmann, Head of HR, JHO/RHO, JYSK Head Office

“Overall, People Executive possesses a solid business understanding and most importantly, the company is perceived by candidates as being Danfoss' own people, which is a prerequisite for entering into an RPO collaboration with us.”

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Peter Andreasen, HR Senior Director, Danfoss

“People Executive is always our first choice when we choose to partner with an external party to recruit the heavier profiles in HMF.”

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Anne Mette Loven, HR Director/CHRO, HMF Group

“We have used People Executive for our recent recruitments. It has been a good and fast process, with People Executive showing a great ability to understand our business and the needs we wanted met.
The company has acted professionally both towards us as a business partner and towards the candidates we were considering.”

Allan Lawaetz Nielsen, Group CEO, Bjerrum Nielsen Group

“I have used People Executive in several recruitment processes for both managers and specialists and am extremely satisfied with their work and results. They are professional both towards me and the candidates we meet, and they are very transparent in their approach, which makes me feel comfortable.”

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Jonas Rotbøl, Managing Director, NTG Projects A/S

“We have been working together for 3 years and success has been the result from the very beginning of the cooperation. Core competencies I would particularly highlight are that they meet the customer where we are and possess a solid situational awareness. The company is analytical, has a strong business understanding and then they hit the cultural / social dial - every time!!”

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Thomas Tvedergaard, CEO, BPI (former CEO, Kronospan - Novopan Træindustri)

“What is important for us is that we have a partner who understands our business and knows our organisation. And that the collaboration takes place in a direct and open dialogue.”

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Kim Bomholt Nielsen, CEO, JKF Industri

“I have a clear experience that People Executive has made a proactive, competent and dedicated effort to identify relevant candidates for the jobs in question.”

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Charlotte Kruse, HR Director, Nobia Denmark

“With People Executive you are guaranteed momentum all the way from start to finish. They are on the ball and we receive continuous status on the process, so we feel confident throughout.”

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Hans Christiansen, CEO & Owner, KUMA

“Great job from People Executive, good communication, respecting the time lines and good understanding of the brief. I must say one of the best agencies I have worked with inside and outside of McBride. I think we have a good recruit that fits with our needs and culture. I am truly thankful for the efforts here.”

Claudio Finol, Head of Product Development & Product Sustainability, Powder Division, McBride PLC

“A partnership that fully meets our expectations and is therefore considered "house consultants" - regardless of the organizational level to be filled. They have filled positions at C-level, managerial and specialist level.”

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Klaus Kalstrup, CEO, Sjørring Maskinfabrik