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We are Kestria, the world's largest executive search alliance.


We provide services in Board Search, Executive Search, as well as recruitment for leadership, middle management, and specialist positions. We have the experience and network to find the talent you can't. We understand your recruitment needs, and we'll make sure you land the right candidate for the job. With us, experience counts, and we know how to run an efficient recruitment process.

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Do you want to be sure in determining your future manager? Is your leadership team composed correctly and does it have what it takes to become a high-performing team? We make it easy for you to make the right choice every time with our experience and assessment tools.

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Career counseling is for you who wants or needs something different. Do you need the inspiration to strengthen your skills and achieve success? You may be actively looking yourself or you may have been made redundant. We'll guide, challenge, and help you get ahead.

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We are always ready for a good dialogue on how we can support your company to achieve even better business results through optimal recruitment. We know that your company is not like any others, and that is why recruitment is never a standard product - at least not for us!

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Transformations are hard, digital ones even harder

Digital transformations are challenging endeavors, with digital transformations being ever more complex. In today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, the survival and growth of established organisations hinge on their ability to navigate this intricate journey. Embracing digital transformation is not just an option but a necessity for remaining competitive. It's crucial for businesses to understand the multifaceted nature of digital transformation to thrive and adapt in a perpetually evolving landscape.

Digitalisation in Life Sciences Ireland

BCG recently reported that less than 20% of biopharma companies have successfully executed a digital transformation, which is well below the 35% cross-industry average. The report also highlighted that this lack of success appears to be due to an incremental approach that has resulted in 88% of digitalisation efforts happening within silos, not company-wide. Therese Keohane, Director of Operations, Kestria Ireland, interviewed Mohamed Noor, Digitalisation Manager at NIBRT, about digitalisation in Life Sciences in Ireland.

AI and personalization: Enhancing shopping, recommendations and service

In today's retail industry, digital transformation rules are fueled by AI and tech advances. Consumers want personalized experiences, driving a rise in targeted marketing and custom products. Online shopping remains strong, complemented by a renewed interest in physical stores. Sustainability and ethics now heavily influence buying decisions, pushing retailers towards responsible practices. However, challenges like supply chain issues and changing consumer needs demand agility and innovation for continued success.