We don't go with the flow, but team up

At People Executive, we don't make it harder than it is. When we find the right candidate: specialist, middle manager, or top executive, we do it through thorough craftsmanship, years of experience and honest sparring and advice.

We are not followers. Our experience and high level of professionalism mean we can tell it like it is, with confidence. Even when it comes to choosing the final candidate, or if the role is unclear. Because we team up. The job is never about us, but about the many companies that put their trust in us every day. A trust we always reciprocate with our straightforward solutions and communication.

We are sharp on processes. We have extensive experience, but nothing "usual" in our approach.

Instead, we put our ear to the ground and adapt our efforts to each individual task. We want to be known for our professionalism. It's at the heart of our DNA and we want to be recognized because we care about the relationship with companies and candidates. The reason is simple: because we are at our best when we are close to the business' goals, results, and strategy - then we can ensure the right candidate match.

We operate with passion, authenticity, quality and integrity in order to deliver on our promise and PURPOSE: Value creation through sustainable matches between our customers and candidates by doing a positive difference in everything we do. 
Our guiding principle is always: speak with honesty, listen with curiosity and act with integrity