Attract the strongest possible candidate pool

Our Search & Selection process is your guarantee for a thorough market screening, attracting both active job seekers and passive candidates. We apply a combination of proactive search techniques (search) and job ads on selected platforms (selection), ensuring that you get the strongest possible selection of candidates to choose from.


It is important to us to get to know you. To obtain an understanding of you and your company. We want to know the company's history, where you want to go and how you plan to get there, and what your expectations are, so that we can define critical success factors together. This enables us to assess potential candidates' ability to perform in the position. We draft all materials (job and candidate profiles, job ad and company presentation) for the search and selection process.


In cooperation with our researchers, we define the target group and the specific markets/industries to explore – including companies and candidates to be contacted. We draft an online advertisement strategy, and sometimes we also use print media if it is relevant for the specific position. When you have approved the ad and the publishing plan, we set the wheels in motion.


We continuously screen incoming applications and issue rejection letters explaining the reason for rejection to candidates we have met in person. In our view, a successful selection process is when the established match is of equal value to both customer and candidate. We endeavour to provide our customers with the best service possible and the same goes for the candidates. Providing swift answers, giving well-founded reasons for rejection, being well-prepared for meetings and providing honest and constructive feedback on test and interviews are all important aspects of being worthy of our candidates' trust and respect.


We base our assessment of the candidates' potential in the position on our preliminary screening and interviews, which are performed on the basis of the job and candidate profile. Candidates that match the position are invited to a preliminary interview. If the preliminary interview is successful, the candidate is presented to the company.

We strive to give our candidates the best foundation possible, but we also expect them to arrive well prepared and familiarised with the company and the role. After the first candidate presentation, we and the customer reduce the candidate pool to typically 2-3 candidates, who will be invited to complete a personality profile and a proficiency test. Both are elements in the overall assessment, but the assessment will never be based solely on them. Finally, we request references – always approved and provided to us by the candidate – which we match with findings from the personality profile and our own assessment.


We present the candidates that we find are suited for the job in a final interview round at the customers, often using a case. We are experienced in case assessment and we work together with a selected partner and expert in the field: Casefair. They help us tailor the final case to job success factors and the areas of responsibility of the successful candidate. We always sit in on the final interview round and participate actively in the case and the following review.

The customer handles contract signing with the successful candidate. We issue constructive rejection letters to the remaining candidates.

We naturally follow up with the successful candidate and the customer after job start, focusing mainly on a good onboarding process.