Ben Verwaayen - keeping the horticulture industry on its toes

Patrick Westerburger, Agribusiness & Agriscience Global Practice Leader, IRC Netherlands | 13.01.2021

The Netherlands and the agricultural sector have always been closely connected. Some 24% of the world’s trade in horticultural products is in Dutch hands, while 50% of global trade in floricultural products are controlled by Dutch companies. The Netherlands is the world’s number one in greenhouse horticulture, the number one producer of onions, and the number one exporter (in value) of fresh vegetables.

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The top five leadership skills for 2021

Gurdeep S. Hora, IRC Asia Pacific Regional Leader and IRC Technology Practice Group Leader | 11.01.2021

Consumer behaviour and expectations have suddenly leap-frogged and the business must evolve; everyone is playing catch-up. To stay relevant, now is the time to revisit key assumptions of the past.

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Technology, adaptability and mindset to drive growth, future-proof business

IRC Technology Practice Group | 22.12.2020

On 10 November, IRC Global Executive Search Partners convened a virtual roundtable with some of the world’s leading technology executives to discuss how digital transformation is changing the talent and leadership qualities required to excel in a dynamic business environment with an increasingly distributed workforce.

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The consumer revolution won’t be televised; It will be omni-channel

IRC Consumer & Retail Practice Group | 16.12.2020

On 22nd October, IRC Global Executive Search Partners convened a webinar with consumer and retail industry leaders from across the globe to discuss how digital transformation is impacting business operations in the sector and redefining the relationship between brands and consumers.

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Health and life science leaders herald new era of digital transformation

IRC Healthcare & Life Science Practice Group | 15.12.2020

On 22nd October 2020, IRC Global Executive Search Partners convened a virtual roundtable with leading health and life science executives based in Europe and the Asia Pacific region to discuss how digital transformation is impacting the industry.

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Why boardroom diversity matters

Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, IRC South Africa | 03.12.2020

For any company to succeed, its board is crucial. Recruiting suitable, diverse candidates can be difficult. Whether the need is driven by investors, required by law or simply a matter of good business practise, a strategic approach to board diversity is increasingly important.

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How digital transformation is empowering and challenging non-profits

IRC NGO & Not For Profit Practice team | 01.12.2020

On 15 October 2020, IRC Global Executive Search Partners convened back-to-back virtual roundtables with leaders of seven international non-profits to discuss the impact digital transformation is having on their own operations and the communities and individuals they serve.

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Transformation, disruption, and Covid in the Waste and Recycling sector

Peter Payne, IRC Australia (The Insight Group) | 23.11.2020

The article contains insights on leadership in a period of cultural transformation, strategic challenge and disruption, Covid-19, and achieving Work-Life balance.

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CEO reset thinking

Raj Kumar Paramanathan, IRC Malaysia & Thailand (CnetG Asia) | 19.11.2020

CnetG Asia and IRC Global Executive Search Partners organised a luncheon themed "CEO reset thinking: Navigating challenges and opportunities in 2020". Here are some insights from this session...

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How technology will level the field and boost productivity to feed the world

IRC Agribusiness Global Practice team | 13.11.2020

With the world population projected to grow from 7.7bn billion in 2020 to nearly 10 billion by 2050, more food will need to be produced on less land amid growing water scarcity and other climate-related pressures, necessitating another green revolution to boost output. The majority of the population growth over the next 30 years will be concentrated in megacities of the developing world, putting a strain on global food supplies, especially in Africa and Asia.

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